Survivor Testimony & Monologue

Production: Series of five, 10-minute performances that show scenarios in DV

Understanding what recovery looks like from a child’s and victims perspective, and the coping mechanism being used.

  • Survivor Testimony Monologues (STAM) travels across the nation raising awareness.
  • Schedule performances at your preferred venue for Spring 2022.
  • For venues outside of Chicago, IL additional pricing applies including travel and lodging.
  • For more information about scheduling and pricing email
  • Office of Violence Against Women (OVW) has 4 grant programs available to institutions, programs, and community partners.
  • For more information about scheduling and pricing, email
  • 2021/2022 Schedule (due to Covid-19, some schedules and productions may be virtual or unknown)

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Join our Comfort Love Support group virtually to rebuild, recover, and heal.  This is a mentorship program to gain knowledge, clarity, and ultimately take responsibility and control of your life again. MFF Project creates a safe space to share with the group, or just listen in and start your healing journey.

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Inspiring strength in Domestic Violence
Empowering Victim to Survivor

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